Wednesday, October 8, 2008

World News Updates

Wednesday Oct. 8, 2008

Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss
We face extreme danger. Unless there is immediate intervention on every front by all the major powers acting in concert, we risk a disintegration of global finance within days. Nobody will be spared, unless they own gold bars.

BERG v. OBAMA et al ("The lawsuit to find out who Obama is. Kelly Mc.")
Plaintiff Philip J. Berg alleged that Defendant Barack Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President because Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Plaintiff further alleged that Obama followed her naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned 18 years old to regain his U.S. citizenship status.

Obama targets McCain's role in Keating savings and loan scandal
Barack Obama has decided to target John McCain for his role in the "Keating Five" savings-and-loan scandal as a rejoinder to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin questioning his ties to Vietnam-era radical William Ayers.

"I Will Follow Him": Obama As My Personal Jesus
Obama is my homeboy. And I'm not saying that because he's black - I'm saying that in reference to those Urban Outfitters t-shirts from a couple years ago that said, "Jesus is my homeboy." Yes, I just said it. Obama is my Jesus.

Palin Misquotes Albright: "Place In Hell Reserved For Women Who Don't Support Other Women"
At a rally on Saturday in California, Sarah Palin offered up a rather jarring argument for supporting the Republican ticket.

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