Thursday, October 30, 2008

World News Updates

Thursday Oct. 30, 2008

Tutu's message to U.S.: We're all in this together
A few hours before the bodies of Jennifer Hudson's murdered mother and brother were discovered in Englewood last Friday, across town one of the world's greatest peacemakers began his remarks at the Hotel Intercontinental by addressing head-on Chicago's daunting problem with violent crime.

Europe's secret plan to boost GM crop production
Gordon Brown and other European leaders are secretly preparing an unprecedented campaign to spread GM crops and foods in Britain and throughout the continent, confidential documents obtained by The Independent on Sunday reveal.

'Hate preachers' must prove they renounce extremism or face UK ban
Foreign-born "preachers of hate" and other violent extremists will have to prove they have publicly renounced their views or be refused entry to Britain under tough new rules unveiled today.

“Georgian soldiers were doped to kill civilians”
Many of the Georgian soldiers who took part in the attack on South Ossetia in August were drugged before going into combat, according to a Moscow-based human rights group.

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