Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letter to the Editor

I was recently passing through Sonoma, coming from Santa Rosa heading to Roseville, and decided to stop in downtown Sonoma for a quick lunch.

I have a full sized pickup and elected to back into a parking stall on the Sonoma square. This is habit for me as it is considered a safety best management practice and in fact is mandatory for my company. After spending about 15 minutes to run in and purchase a lunch to go, I was very dismayed to see the parking ticket on my windshield.

This upsurd Sonoma law to my knowledge is not posted and I suspect is unknown to most travelers, or even residents.

What upsets me most is the fact that this once quaint little town, who's foundations were built upon the common sense field of agriculture have strayed so far from it's roots that in my opinion, it's now nothing more than a community for the elite with a heavy handed governmental body. If this is the town's approach to law enforcement, it has lost all connection with what once made it special.

I'm well aware that this sort of nonsensical governmental approach in many towns and cities. I'm saddened to see that it's infiltrated your once quaint community.

I for one will never stop in the square and spend my money again.

Micah Brosnan
Roseville, CA

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