Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Power Outage in Sonoma

Around 6:30 tonight, the power went out and according to PG&E, 2,800 customers are affected. When I called them at 7pm, they said a crew was on the scene and they estimated return of power by 11pm. They didn't know the reason for the outage. The local radio 91.3 has some details and because we are on a generator, I have power. So that's it for now. May there be light soon!

10/30/08 UPDATE
According to a co-worker, the outage last night continued until 3am! Apparently, a transformer on Hwy 12 in Boyes Hot Springs blew.

MANY THANKS to our PG&E folks who were up all night making repairs!

Sonoma Sun article: Collision darkens Springs

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