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Level 3 Toxin Spaying of SF Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is going to be aerial sprayed with pesticides beginning this summer (2008), every 30 days, 9 months a year, for several years!

Natural Solutions Foundation President Gen. Bert Stubblebine and Executive Director Dr. Rima Laibow attended a March 3 Town Meeting in Corta Madera, California where citizens are organizing to stop forced aerial pesticide spraying being planned by the state.

Forced Drugging: 5 Year Spraying of Level 3 Toxin on Entire San Francisco Bay Area

Bill Haymin
April 2, 2008


Spraying for a Non Existant Pest Every 30 Days for 5 years!
Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

If you have to swallow a drug you don´t want to take, that is forced drugging. If it is pumped into your veins, that is forced drugging. If you are forced to breath it, and so is your dog, your spouse, your infant, your grandmother and your neighbor, that´s forced drugging, too. And that is precisely what is going on in the San Francisco Bay area. And if you are breathing a sigh of relief because you don´t live in the Bay area, don´t. We believe California is being targeted for something that will come to an arial sprayer near you in the near future: If California decides to stop this madness, the EPA has said that it will seize jurisdiction and spray anyway. Obviously, spraying for a pest that does not exist has a purpose far beyond the so-called "pest".

California has decided to spray the entire San Francisco Bay area, every man, woman, child, duck, bee, fish and ornamental shrub for the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM), depicted by the government as a threat to the entire agricultural structure of Northern California despite the fact that it may not even be established in the Bay area and has never done any damage to anything and is not an agricultural pest. Their solution? To spray a moth heromone solution, called Checkmate ©, which allegedly disrups the mating behavior of the male LBAM. It is bonded to tiny flakes, heromon and other shaped particles of a plastic which allegedly dissolves slowly over 30-70 days, releasing its disorienting chemical. The heromone is mixed with a toxic brew of "inert ingredients which, although labeled "inert" are biologically active and are, in fact, known carcinogens. The plastic particles are small enough to travel deep into the lungs where they break down with unknown consequences: the material has never been tested on human.

General Stubblebine and I made a special stop in Marin County, CA, on our way to South East Asia (where we are engaged in serious discussions about Codex and protecting Natural Health options here) so we cold attended a community meeting on the serious danger to the population and the ecology of the entire Bay Area posed by the Government of California, backed up by the Federal EPA. They are determined to expand arial spraying of a brew called "Checkmate © containing known Level 3 Toxins in both the active and ingredients. CheckMate © has never been tested on humans or the environment for safety or effectiveness. The brew contains plastic nanoflakes to which chemicals are bonded. It breaks down over about 70 days in the environment and who-knows-how-long in your lungs before it breaks down to who-knows-what. Checkmate´s effect on other life forms (including helpful insencts, fish, etc.) may be known to the manufacturer, but we, the public, do not have that information. There is, however, a considerable amount of meaningful information available. Here are some highly informative links to panel discussions and public comments on the topic created through the collaboration of the Ecological Options Network and the Natural Solutions Foundation:


STOP THE SPRAY Pt. 2 Citizen Comments
(General Stubblebine's comments and mine are in the second half of the video)


SENATOR SIMITIAN'S LBAM HEARING - Pt. 1 - Officials and Academics


SENATOR SIMITIAN'S LBAM HEARING - Pt. 3 - Concluding Official and Activist statements

According to two UC scientists, not only can the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) not be 'eradicated' by the forced aerial pesticide spraying of the San Francisco Bay Area planned for this summer by a state agency, but it poses no real threat to agriculture in the first place.

UC Davis Entomologist Dr. James Carey and UC Santa Cruz Arboretum Executive Director Dr. Daniel Harder present the results of their research at the March 13, 2008 informational hearing held in San Rafael by State Senator Joe Simitian, Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.

Dr. Harder's report on his recent trip to New Zealand, where the LBAM is "...effectively controlled almost exclusively by natural predators in both agricultural settings and wild lands," is available on-line at:

The "dreaded LBAM" has not been definitively shown to exist in most areas to be sprayed. If two moths are found in an area it is officially deemed to be infested and the area becomes a candidate for the $75.4 million dollar spraying program. The State of California requires stringent environmental impact statements before spraying pesticides unless there is an emergency. The emergency posed by the LBAM appears to be that there is no emergency: without a problem there would be no reason to spray anything and the LBAM poses no threat of any kind. Therefore, the emergency of not having an emergency has been handled by the people who want the spraying to take place by goving to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and asking THEM to declare a state of emergency. That way, even if the Governor of California decides to issue and edict halting the spraying, the EPA can step in, take jurisdiction and spray anyway. Why? What else is in the spray?

While the LBAM has never caused any harm to any plant, animal, fish, shrub, crop, or person, Checkmate (c) has. Although the Health Departments of the various regions already sprayed failed to make provisions to find out what the results of the spraying were, or for collecting reports of its impact (actually discarding the reports that did find their way to them), local organizations quickly set up reporting systems for people in Santa Cruz and Monterey. The results were frightening. Although few doctors were aware of the possible effects of the spray, and even fewer people knew, 638 people became ill or very ill from two areal spraying episodes in Santa Cruz. We do not have figures for the number of people who became ill from a single spraying in Monterey because no collection system was set up there.

What is planned for the Bay area is not two sprayings. It is arial spraying EVERY 30 DAYS for 60-120 months for a pest which is hypothetical at best, can easily be controlled by natural preditors if it exists and requires nothing at all to control it.

Is the LBAM the target or are the people of the San Francisco Bay area the target? And is Idaho next? How about New York (where malathione has already been sprayed on people to kill the West Nile Virus mosquito), Montana? Arizona? Or perhaps, all of the US (and beyond?) Sort of like Chemtrails, perhaps?

Spraying will commence in the Bay Area in August, 2008 and continue evdry 30 days or 5 years or longer (up to 10 years) until there are no LBAM left. Since there are virtually none, or none at all, left right now, that seems a pretty weird standard. The deal is that if 2 LBAMs are found in an area, that area is deemed to be infested and the spraying will continue.

You know, there is a silver lining to this ecocidal (genocide?) insanity. The San Francisco area is coming together around this in a way that is hard to imagine unless you have seen it. I have seen it earlier this month at the meeting we attended but I have seen it before: in the 60's and 70's when America said "NO!" to the Viet Nam war. I have seen it before that in the early 60's when America said "YES!" to integration and racial equality under the law. And, most stirringly, I am seeing it now when people all over the world say "NO!" to corporate contamination of their food (Codex), "NO" to compusory vaccination (Click here () to add your voice to that roar!) and "YES!" to Health Freedom! If you read the email sent to me by an African Codex delegate, you will know that I saw it at a Codex meeting in Ghana last month when Africa led other health friendly nations in saying "NO!" to the US and its allies about unlabled GM "foods" and seeds.

When people become alerted to a threat and respond to it by taking back their power, the world changes. That's what's happening now with health freedom. What a thrilling time to be alive!

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