Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last Day of the Film Fest

Clear, warm and beautiful, the day was perfect for all to enjoy here in Sonoma.

Whether a picnic in the park, a spinach salad at the Sunflower restaurant, or an ice cream at Ben and Jerry's - it's all good.

And while taking a walk around the Plaza, I was reminded it was the last day of the Sonoma Valley Film Festival when I saw an interesting limo in front of the Sebastiani Theater.

Tomorrow Sonoma will be back to 'normal' as the Hollywood crowd travels back to their homes.

Born in Hollywood and growing up in Burbank, the Hollywood scene is familiar to me: former actress Joan Leslie is my cousin, one uncle was a film editor and another was a casting director, and my father worked as a grip for both Paramount and then Universal studios most of his life. When his mother and 4 brothers first moved to California, they all were extras in silent movies! His favorite actor was Danny Kaye ('the nicest guy & great dancer in spite of having club feet!') and his most exciting adventure was going to Egypt in 1954 to work on the movie 'The Ten Commandments.'

On my father's return from Egypt, he brought us LOTS of souvenirs and to me, he gave a little Bible from St Catherine monastery which I still have. Interestingly enough, ours was not a Christian home, but much later in life I did become a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ with my first trip overseas was to Israel in 1994 which unbeknown to me beforehand, included a hike up Mount Sinai, located at the St Catherine monastery.

It wasn't until a few years later that I connected the dots: my earthly father helped make the movie "The Ten Commandments" but my heavenly Father made the original Ten Commandments!

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