Friday, February 15, 2008

Attempted Kidnapping on Boyes Blvd

Boyes Hot Springs Post Office on the corner of Boyes Blvd and Hwy 12

Attempted kidnapping / assault charges

Friday, February 15, 2008 at 3:58 PM

On 2-15-08 at about 1200 PM, Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies were called to a possible physical domestic dispute in the 100 block of Boyes Blvd. Deputies arrived within three minutes and learned that a stranger had grabbed a 3-year-old girl and assaulted her adult female babysitter.

The suspect opened the screen door of the apartment where the child was standing and ripped the sweater she was wearing. The babysitter quickly intervened and the suspect drug the babysitter out of the apartment by her hair. The suspect then shoved the child out of the apartment and continued to struggle with the babysitter until a neighbor heard her cries for help and came to her aid. The suspect, who appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance, was detained by the neighbor inside the babysitter’s house until deputies arrived.

The child was physically unharmed. The babysitter, who suffered minor abrasions during the incident, was treated and released at the scene by paramedics.

The suspect was later identified as Normando Zamora Ramirez, a 24-year-old resident of Boyes Hot Springs. Ramirez was booked at the Sonoma County Jail for attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary and child abuse. Judge Antolini raised Ramirez' bail to $250,000.

Further inquiries should be directed to Lt. Rob Giordano of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department Investigations Unit at 565-2185.

Prepared by Sgt. Dave Thompson
Case# 080215-021
Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department

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