Wednesday, February 27, 2008

9/11 UPDATE: Most Witnesses at the WTC Heard And Saw No Planes

The Original No Planers:
Most Witnesses at the WTC Heard And Saw No Planes


Morgan Reynolds — February 28, 2008

"The closer you were, the less you knew."
--Police Chief Joe Esposito, NYPD

"It was almost like the closer you were,
the less you knew...As we look back,
we were the least informed."
--Battalion Chief Joseph Pfeifer, FDNY

Inside the lobby, I think we knew less
of what was going on than
people outside or in the street, or the
people watching on television.
--Thomas von Essen, former FDNY fire commissioner

The official 9/11 conspiracy theory claims that suicidal Muslims hijacked four airliners on the morning of September 11, 2001 and slammed them at high speed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a landfill in rural Pennsylvania. Millions believe these stories based on the (dwindling) authority of the U.S. government and corporate media, reinforced that morning by "live" images on TV of a plane disappearing behind the towers, followed by a sensational, Hollywood-style explosion in the south tower.

Yet doubts, questions, counterevidence and logic subvert the official story at nearly every turn. For example, did Muslims really hijack airliners? How good is the evidence for that claim? Did Boeing airliners crash as advertised? Do physical and circumstantial evidence support this proposition? Figuring out what really happened is the first question to investigate about 9/11, just like any other criminal or scientific investigation.

The insurmountable problems for the official conspiracy theory include the evidence that aluminum wide-body 767s did not seem to "crash" into the towers but instead, as portrayed in pictures and videos, slipped silently into and disappeared inside said steel-framed towers from nose to tail, wing tip to wing tip, with an apparent silhouette of passage of an airplane outline mysteriously appearing some unknown time after the explosion, undersized though these gashes in the buildings were, without slowing, without degrading, without crumpling, without deforming, without breaking off wings or wing tips, flaps, panels, actuators, fuselage or tail section, without fuel spillage, without burned fuel spilled down the face of either impact wall; without a visible wake vortex in the (delayed) explosions or sound of a jetliner and without evidence of any airplane pieces visible in the tower holes or below the impact zones despite the combined weight of 166 tons of airplane parts or 332,000 pounds, 6.2 million aircraft parts according to Boeing, plus cargo and fuel weighing some 230,000 pounds, and no known air crash investigation with confirmation of parts unique to each commercial airliner matched to maintenance logs; the explosion fireball was remarkably gray in contrast to real explosions of large jets with charcoal and black fireballs;

Picture source here.

elementary physics makes the two "crash" events as depicted impossible; "America fell for the Roadrunner trick" as an anonymous poster on a forum put it. Even Bill Pitts of the National Institute of Standards and Technology who was in charge of WTC pictures and videos in NIST's investigation remarked, " me it's still amazing that the building just ate the plane. It's amazing that fires didn't start initially when it first went's miraculous when you look at it."


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