Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amazing Grace for the Gunn Family and for Burbank


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Found this comment on A Writer's Groove blog which asks many thus far unanswered questions:

Shocked Says:
November 8th, 2009 at 7:42 am
Thank you, Fronnie, for your excellent report on the events that occurred last Tuesday night at City Hall. I watched the entire meeting and it was obvious Golonski, Reinke, Bric and Telamantes are more concerned about having a discussion about the welfare of trees in Burbank than public safety and health. The lack of compassion demonstrated to the police officers and family of Sgt. Gunn was only surpassed by their anger at Councilman Gordon for daring to bring up the issue of having an urgent discussion on whether or not to instruct City Manager Mike Flad to place Chief Tim Stehr on paid administrative leave until the allegations and investigations concerning his department are completed.

The remarks made individually were nothing short of frightening. Reinke and Telamantes went out of their way to be insulting to the police officers and family by their remarks. I nearly fell off my chair when Reinke called Tuesday night a 3-ring circus. Her remarks were disgraceful. At the end of the meeting when she apologized, her anger was just below the surface because she was still so angry that Dr. Gordon had the courage to bring up the subject. Telamantes finally showed his lack of support for the men and women he worked along side during his years in the Fire Department. VERY Sad! As expected Golonski attacked Dr. Gordon despite the fact that Gordon brought up what people have been asking for. Bric is obviously in tight with some if not all of the police command and carried on as well. If the only thing that matters to them is “process” then that only confirms what many have witnessed for years — the staff runs the City and unless the staff approves an agenda item, the Council is completely helpless and without authority to run the City.

All this behavior leads one to ask some questions:

- Why has the City Manager not placed the Chief on administrative leave since it is standard procedure to place officers and others on leave during an investigation?
- How did everything get so out of control that so many police officers have filed lawsuits against the City?
- How much has it cost so far? the investigations, the lawyers? how many lawyers are working on all these cases?
- Why would there be a gag order placed on employees?
- Why are police officers told that if they wore their uniforms to the candlelight vigil and city hall out of respect for Sgt. Gunn last Tuesday night they would be disciplined?
- Why were the names of 12 police officers published in the newspaper yet we as many as 30 subpoenas have been issued?
- Why was one officer’s personnel file turned over to the newspaper?
- Why are so many officers out on administrative or sick leave?
- Have files been stolen within the police department?
- Why has the individual who is alleged to have murdered Officer Pavelka at least 5 years ago never had a trial?
- Why has there been abusive legal tactics and intimidation used against residents and employees for many years?
- What in the world are they covering up?

It appears the City needs oversight in many areas at this moment in time starting with the command in the police department.

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Original post: Burbank Sergeant in FBI Probe Killed

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  1. Burbank is Vegas 50 years ago. Glorified Gangsters, running the city, sitting back with fat cigars hanging from their lips making back alley deals.



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