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Robert Duncan O'Finioan

16 Questions With Robert Duncan O'Finioan

Conducted by Winter Steel: May - June 2006

1- Q. What is Project Talent?

A. PROJECT TALENT, (a subproject of MK ULTRA) was/are the continuing experiments being done by the Nazi scientists during W.W.II in their quest for the 'perfect solider', a 'super soldier.'

Those scientists were brought here after the war via Project PAPERCLIP where they continue even today. Every few weeks there is a news item about the DoD having something "new" that can keep a solider on the battlefield longer, and make that person stronger and more deadly.

2- Q. When did you first realize you were part of a "Government Project?"

A. I knew something wasn't "right" from a young age. But in the late 1980s I was involved in a major car crash in which my head was nearly torn from my body.

When I was placed in the MRI machine and it was turned on, the world as I knew it faded away, very painfully. The only way I can describe it is like seeing hundreds of TV screens rushing at me at once, and each screen was a different memory. I suddenly realized the nightmares I had been having for years were in fact real.

During the few seconds I was in the MRI and the machine caught on fire, I began screaming, thinking I was losing my mind. Thus started my quest.

3- Q. Why do you think they choose you?

A. I believe I was chosen because of my blood lines. I'm half Irish and half Cherokee -- The two races (Celts and Indians) of people who have the highest number of children born with PSI or ESP abilities.

4- Q. Did your family know you were in this "Project?"

A. Yes. My mother and father did, most certainly. I also think my grandparents may have as well.

5- Q. Why do you think your family would send you to be in such experiments?

A. I found out only a couple of years ago that my father worked for the CIA and had heavy ties to the intelligence community. I doubt if my parents had little, if any, say in the matter.

6- Q. What exactly was your purpose within the "Project?"

A. I was one of their "super soldiers."

7- Q. When did you realize that you could do "more", or were "different" than other people?

A. From very early on. But I really saw that I was different when I started teaching martial arts.

8- Q. How did you cope with life in the meantime?

A. I stayed to myself. I trained in the martial arts. You could count the number of friends I had on one hand. Family members included.

9- Q. How many others do you think, (or can remember), were a part of Project Talent with you?

A. I was told by someone who worked closely with the project that when I was taken in 1966 there were 1000 of us. I was also told that as of five years ago there were fewer then 60 of us still alive.

10- Q. What were their jobs within?

A. Some were like me, super soldiers. Others were PSI spies, remote viewers, some acted as a living memory card, and the list goes on.

11- Q. Give us an example of what you would do.

A. My team would be briefed on an operation, and given a target. We would then take transport and eliminate the target. Not all missions were done with a team. There were many times I was sent out alone.

12- Q. Why do you think they removed your memories?

A. You can't tell what you don't know or remember. Our personalities were split by the use of pain. This is an answer that takes a few minutes to explain.

13- Q. When was your first memory of being a part of it all?

A. When I was chosen at the age of six. I was given a test along with several other children and then taken away for nearly four years.

14- Q. Why do you wish to tell the world your story?

A. I still have many blanks in my mind/memory. Terrible things were done to me and many others starting when we were children. Someone needs to answer for this. I'm not looking for money, or to be paid back, just answers.

15- Q. Are you concerned you may make someone angry, or vengeful towards you for speaking about this?

A. All the time. I have been warned more then once to stop.

16- Q. Are you concerned that people will not believe you?

A. I would say most don't. But I also know that if I keep asking questions, sooner or later, more from these PROJECTS will come forward.
If my doing what I am doing can help others, great. I have been called every thing you can think of. Sometimes it bothers me. But I know that most people will never see past what is in front of them.




  1. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hi Duncan! Thanks for stopping by. Just found your website last night and was grieved to hear all that you have had to suffer over the years.

    Praying for the Lord's continued protection for you as the truth comes forth.

  3. cathy is crazier then duncan

  4. True dat, these people are totally whack


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