Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Sale: One Dream House

No surprise here as ALL the previous owners/winners sold their supposed 'dream houses'. Wonder how much money this couple will end up with?

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For sale sign on Dream Home

Sonoma Index Tribune
Tue, July 14, 5:14 PM

HGTV Dream Home winners Cheryl and Joe Smith will not make Sonoma their new hometown. The couple announced Monday they plan to sell the farmhouse on Fifth Street East back to developer and Valley resident Steve Ledson. The couple also plans to donate all of the furnishings to Ledson's Harmony Foundation for Children.

"The Smith's are an incredible couple," Ledson said in a press release. "They had just retired to Florida when they won the house from over 40,000,000 entries. They really didn't want to move from Florida and leave their grandchildren though they loved their winning visit to Sonoma. For my family and me, our favorite part is the donation to our Harmony Foundation. The community could use this money right now due to all of the cuts to schools, activities and arts." In April, the Smiths were flown out on their first trip to California to see the three-bedroom home they had won in Sonoma's Armstrong Estates. The couple enjoyed a week of winetasting and soaking up life in Sonoma, but always said they weren't sure if they wanted to pick up and move across the country from their family back in Florida. Not to mention the house came with a hefty tax bill, which is the primary reason all the prior HGTV Dream Home winners have ended up selling their Dream Home.

Ledson said early on he would buy the home back from the couple if they chose not to take ownership of it. He plans to sell the home. The Harmony Foundation for Children works to help to the Valley's underprivileged children whose own families cannot. To date, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated by the Harmony Foundation to deserving individuals and organizations.

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