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Columbine Coverup?

The Columbine Cause: An Examination of the April 20, 1999 Attack on Columbine High School

"The Columbine Cause" by Evan Long raises questions about the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School which have gone unaddressed or unanswered by corporate and state media, including:

Q. Why do counts of the ballistics evidence charts yield totals far greater than the three hundred-odd shots officially stated by law enforcement officials to have been fired?

Q. Why did students and teachers inside the school during the attack describe up to a dozen distinct shooters, some of whom some of them were able to identify by name as neither Eric Harris nor Dylan Klebold?

Q. Why were the people of the world told that the attack was a "wake-up call" when some Columbine students knew it to have been "the big rumor" for up to two years in advance?

There is much more to the story of the attack on Columbine than has been widely made known.


August 15, 2008: Evan Long on "Zero Hour Power" with David Eaton (1 of 7)


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Mind Controlled Killers: What happened at Columbine High School? Was O.J. Simpson innocent? In Defense of Buford Furrow Jr.



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  1. You bet there were more than two shooters. Another fact that has been covered up is that the trenchcoat mafia group were heavily into satanism. From the released evidence:

    1) TCMer Eric Dutro walking around the school cafeteria telling people that "Satan loves you"(Kelly Beer, 6106) in the spring of '98.

    2) Courtney van Dell, aka 'devil girl,' wore barettes in her hair to make it look like she had horns. Said to be a 'wikken'(sic) or a devil worshipper(Kristi Mohrbacher(1010), Jessica Lucero(1508 ), Leigh Ann Clark(2723)).

    3) The students seeking shelter with Clement Park worker Steve Ogle(1056) told him the perpetrators were TCM and were "satanists".

    4) Jecoa Catt(1364) told IO that the TCM were satanic.

    5) Jason Jones(1474) observed the TCM playing 'magic' cards in the cafeteria, which were about the devil and about power.

    6) Lacey Shotts(1651) said she believed the TCM students were 'devil worshippers.'

    7) Jen Smull saw Robert Perry at a halloween party dressed as a worlock(1827).

    8 ) Student Perlman(4054) said Joe Stair used to come to woodshop class with a book he called 'the devil's bible'.

    9) Prior to 4th hour on 4-20, Nicole Ray(4144) saw a male TCMer in the science hall, with his hair fashioned into devil's horns.

    10) TCM associate Nathan Dykeman's bedroom wall was supposedly covered with devil posters(4630).

    11) Nathan Dykeman says Harris called him 'devil man'.(10710)

    12) Daniel Burg(5838 ) told the IO that "...the TCM--they're like satanists."

    13) TCM leader Chris Morris told Mark Hengel(5899) "I don't believe in God. I follow Satan's Commandmants."

    14) Sara Lutes(6821) says the TCM were satanic, and that they wore satanic symbols on their shirts, underneath their trenchcoats.

    15) Chris Hooker, 18, said they were "satanic individuals."
    "We'd see them every day. They've threatened to kill people ... but nobody thought that was serious," Hooker said.

    16) Library Intern Mary Ziccardi(13647) spent one week at CHS in November of '98. Says Eric Harris "looked like the devil" and may have worn black lipstick.

    17) Teacher Mr. Long(EP24-17) said he kicked TCM associate Joe Stair out the computer class for accessing satanic sights. This happened last year.(1998)

    18 ) TCM associate Eric Ault(10645) told the IOs that "they were into satanic worship."

    19) Jennfer Harmon(8835): " of their friends-'Becka'-was waiting for the devil to take over the soul."

    20) Brooks Brown( "They're(TCM) all big on anti-God Satanism. They are really just 'pure hate'."

    21) What kind of music did the TCM like? 'Devil' music according to Brandi Wiseman(4751).

    22) Trista Fogerty(1420): TCM were satanic, when she first got to CHS friends told her to avoid the group.

    23) Nicole Markham(8794): "Harris was into...heavy satanic music."

    24) Nicole Lawson, sophomore(3526): (TCM associates)"Stephanie(Kinny) and Kelly(Schwab) would draw "fnords" on the black board. Fnords are little symbols that were servants of the devil. They would draw a whole bunch of them. They did it when no one was looking." ['fnord' is thought to stand for 'for no other reason, discord']

    25) TCM associate Chuckie Phillips(10866) internet code(Puterfnord@...) name was meant to represent a servant of the devil.

    26) Dustin Harrison(6577): "Dustin said (Redacted) 'scared me to death' because Dustin had heard that (Redacted) was a member of the "Hells Angels" satanic group and said that this satanic group is into human sacrifices. Dustin said that (Redacted) was very verbal about his desire to kill people."

  2. Thanks for all the references!

    May the Truth be revealed, may the lies be exposed, may the deceived wakeup, may the sinner repent, may the lost get saved and may the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified I pray.




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