Wednesday, July 9, 2008

World News Updates

Wednesday July 09, 2008

Pro-Life Groups to Protest Against Black Genocide at NAACP Convention July 14
Abortion kills 1,452 black infants every day in this country. Sadly, the black community and its leaders are largely ignoring the slaughter. On July 14, 2008, LEARN ( with assistance from CBR Midwest will confront the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at its annual national convention in Cincinnati, OH, about its unwillingness to substantively address abortion.

Former Abortion Patients Repent
Former abortion patients denounce Morgentaler's award; asking for the termination of the Order of Canada based on his conduct on taking the lives of over 100,000 pre-born Canadians as reported by him.

Group seeks Bush sewage 'tribute'
A citizens group in San Francisco wants to pay an ironic tribute to President George W Bush when he leaves office - by naming a sewage plant after him.

Fears of Atom Smasher Could Be Possible 'Time Machine' – Federal Court Law Suit Filed
.....fears that their experiment might create globe-gobbling black holes or never-before-seen strains of matter that would destroy the planet.

Saudi Arabia to Host Major Interfaith Conference in Madrid
Christians, Jews and Muslims will gather in Madrid later this month for what could be one of the highest profile interfaith meetings in recorded history.

San Diego honoring 'La Raza'
A California-based immigration reform activist says the city of San Diego is honoring an organization that advocates policies that aren't in the best interests of the United States.

Interview with an Exorcist
Father Tom Euteneuer says he has faced the devil. That he is real. And that he is among us.

Church vote backs women bishops
The Church of England's ruling General Synod has voted to consecrate women as bishops and approved drawing up a code of practice to reassure opponents.

Australian Catholic abuse victims want apology from Pope
Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and brothers in Australia, like Jose Respall who still vividly recalls being fondled at age 11, are calling on Pope Benedict to apologize when he arrives in Sydney on Sunday.

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